Sunday, December 24, 2006


My brother Jeff, and his fiance Tara. What a beautiful new sister I am getting!

My niece and nephews

Me and one of my brown-eyed boys!
Merry Christmas!

For some reason I have an annual tradition of neglecting to send Christmas cards. Mostly it is because I have either recently moved, been out of the country - making it difficult to send cards, or simply failed to buy them. So for those of you who keep up with this blog, consider this my Christmas greeting and "life update" all wrapped into one.

This year I am celebrating Christmas with my family - who is now much closer than several states away. I am rejoicing that my life in Texas has been full of old friends and new ones. I am grateful for the many ways God has shown His love and faithfulness to me this year. It has been a good year full of travels and transition. I've had the opportunity to finish a season as a college professor, lead 25 high school students on an international experience, involve myself in a great community of believers in Texas, celebrate my 30th birthday alongside my nine-year-old niece, begin sewing lessons with my grandmother, and start a career as an event planner. It has been an eventful year indeed.

I am truly grateful to look back over this past year and remember that God has given an abundance of good things. May this season be a reminder of how beautiful, precious, and REAL He is.

I pray He is adored by you and yours today, tomorrow, and always.