Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back from the Honeymoon...

Married life is incredibly sweet.

For those of you anxious to see wedding photos, they will be posted on our photographer's website. There are already some reception photos up, so take a look if you are interested:

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from Bora Bora & Rangiroa. We highly recommend a Tahitian vacation. =)

This is the hotel pool...seriously.

Our feet in the sand in Bora Bora.

This is my smokin' hot husband.

A view from the sailboat tour of Bora Bora.

Hypothetically speaking, if we were ever in a plane that crashed in the South Pacific it could totally crash on this island. I'm pretty sure the view, the sand, the water and the coconuts would keep us company until the rescuers arrived...Not that I'm signing up for a plane crash or anything. I'm just saying this place doesn't look all that bad from the plane window.

The Blue Lagoon on Rangiroa.

The Bora Bora Airport is the most scenic I've ever seen.

This is my husband swimming in the water where the sharks are being fed. He's the first one next to the guy throwing raw fish guts into the water for the sharks to eat. I'm the one INSIDE the boat taking the photos of my husband and all the other people willing to swim in shark infested waters. Jason was so excited to jump in the water with the sharks! When the tour guide suggested everyone should get in the water to watch the shark feeding, Jason's face lit up with excitement. I was truly in awe of his adventurous spirit and relieved he didn't expect me to come too. We are a team in most everything, but I drew the line at the shark infested waters. I was very happy when he climbed back in the boat after feeding time was over!

These are my feet and a view of the Blue Lagoon.