Monday, March 21, 2011

Ben's Birth Day.

I know there are a lot of mamas who read this blog and many of you are interested in birth stories. If you aren't so interested, you can just skip this post and wait for the next one with a cute baby picture. =)

Ben's Birth Story could be summed up in a short version:
Saturday morning - 5:30 AM the alarm goes off.
Water breaks at 5:31 AM.
Go to the hospital.
Have the baby at 10:49 AM.
Move to recovery for afternoon nap time.

Seriously, it could be summed up that simply.

But for those of you who want details, here they are...

The Longer Version:
So far, Ben has inserted himself right into our family schedule without missing a beat. My main prayer for this delivery is that it would happen in the morning because I have so much more energy in the morning. And I'm too old for all-nighters anymore. So thankfully, Ben decided he'd like to arrive on Saturday morning after a good night of sleep for Mommy. It was also the same Saturday Mimi was scheduled to arrive at noon. Perfect! When my water broke as the alarm was still going off, I immediately said a prayer of praise. We got into "go" mode and got everything ready for the boys to wake up. We arranged for a friend to come stay with the boys until our nanny came and then had a nice family breakfast together - the last one as a family of four.

It was important for me to get to the hospital well before my delivery because I needed to get IV antibiotics for Strep B. I've been positive for all three pregnancies and Henry's was so quick, I didn't get there in time for them to even get an IV. My doctor had made me promise I would show up early this time! So we got to the hospital around 8:00 a.m. We told the nurse that I was going to go very quickly and the IV should get in soon. (After the antibiotics are given, you have to wait 4 hours and get a second dose to be fully covered.) I got the dose and she said, "Okay, now all you have to do is wait til 1:00 p.m. to have this baby." She was totally serious and I laughed. I told her that I wouldn't even make it til noon.

Once we were all hooked up to the IV and settled in our room, Jason and I began breathing through the contractions. I sat on the birth ball and we took them one at a time. I started to progress quickly and when the nurse kept coming to check, I told her that we were gonna go quick here. When it got to the point that I was feeling pressure and needing to push, the nurse and the resident told me that my doctor was in a C-section and I would need to wait as long as possible to push. Now, if you are a mama, you KNOW that you cannot wait to push! They had me get on the bed on my side and try to slow things down. It wasn't working. They were getting the room all ready for delivery. Still no doctor. Only the resident. (Who, I might add, looked very freaked out by a lady in active labor in a natural's anything but calm, folks!)

At this point, Jason told me later that he was getting very nervous that only the resident was there. She was timid and didn't say much and this made him real nervous. Finally I made it very clear that I needed to push. Then I heard a man's voice in the room that sounded like a drill sergeant. Seriously, he walked in and was in charge. It was not my doctor, but still, a clearly seasoned OB who was ready to catch my baby. Jason was relieved. And I probably would have been had I known what was happening.

Ben came out with one push at 10:49 a.m. I heard him crying. Then I heard the doctor instructing the resident on how to finish things out. Thankfully I had no injuries that had to be tended to - another answered prayer. When it was all said and done, the OB who made the guest appearance at my delivery kept saying over and over, "well, she did a d*mn good job. A d*mn good job for a natural delivery." Hey, I guess of all the things people can say to you after you give birth to a baby, I'll take it! Better than "Wow, did you see that huge kid come out of that tiny..." Never mind. You get my drift.

Ben checked out healthy and we headed upstairs to recovery just after my mom arrived for a visit. Jason, Ben, and I enjoyed an afternoon nap and my boys at home hardly missed a beat.

Three cheers for giving birth on Saturday morning! If I do it again, I'll definitely add that to my birth wish list.

But right now, I'm not thinking about doing it again. Just enjoying sweet little Ben and all his newborn-ness. =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweet Little Ben.
Happy One Week Birthday, Buddy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our New Brother.

New Brother (as Alex calls him) arrived yesterday. He's a little bundle of joy!

Benjamin Gene
born March 12, 2011 @ 10:49 a.m.
7 lbs. 8 oz.
19 inches long

We are grateful for this gift from God.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!

before cake.

after cake.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

38 Weeks

Still waiting on Baby Brother to arrive.
Hopefully just about 10 more days...or less.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Well since my children are napping and I have a little time on my hands, I thought I'd do a nesting post...again.

If you read my family blog, you'll know that we completed Henry's early birthday party, which was pretty much the last of my to do list. The freezer is full and so is the pantry. The closets are all cleaned out. The newborn clothes are laundered and ready. The bag is packed. Nothing to do now except wait on Baby #3. I am such a list checker offer that I am so grateful that the list is done. And, of course, now I'll start some other new project to keep me busy until Baby comes. It's the task oriented human being's way, I guess.

I thought I'd start this nesting series (I have no idea how much time/energy I'll have to write too many posts, but we'll see) with a little list I've been compiling in my head for a while now...

It's called
Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Lady.
I'll start with the actual words that people say to me, followed by my internal interpretation of them:

"Wow. Do you know how much that baby weighs?" I hear, Geez lady, you are huge and your kid is probably going to be a fatso too.

"Do you know if you are dilated?" Seriously, stranger, are you asking about my nether regions? Cause that's just weird.

"It looks like it's dropped." You are trying to make me feel better that maybe the baby will come soon. Thank you. This one isn't as painful to hear but should I respond? Thank you for noticing that my tummy is low...I guess.

"You are gonna have your hands full." Mostly this comment comes from people who see me with my two other children (ages 2.5 & 12 months). If I had a quarter for every time someone said it, I'd be paying for my children's college education. I'd love to offer an alternative. How about, "Wow, these two children are completely angelic and behaving so well in this grocery store that I'm certain your next baby will be a piece of cake."

"When's that baby due? Oh my goodness, six more weeks! Girl, are you gonna make it?" Well, yes, I will. But thank you for pointing out that it looks like I'm not gonna make it. =)

"Wow. Is there just one baby in there?!" Yes, skinny lady, there is. And if there were more, the three or four of us would gladly kick you in the shins for saying such a silly thing.

I also receive strange looks from people when I am out with Henry (my 12 mo. old) and I'm nine+ months pregnant. They look at him, look at me, look at him, look at me. Then they say, "So, when's your baby due? And how old is he (pointing at Henry)?" Then, they are certainly doing math gymnastics in their head to figure out how/when I got pregnant. One lady even said, "wow, just after the 6 week check up, huh?" Seriously, people. It creeps me out that you are thinking about the process of me getting pregnant. Just say, "oh they'll be close together, huh? They'll be best friends." That's much more positive and much less creepy.

"You haven't had that baby yet?" No I haven't. Evident by the huge tummy I'm still sporting.

I'm sure many of you have something to add to the discussion. Feel free to chime in on the comment section if you want to share something.

And here's a free PSA: If you want to say something to a pregnant woman, how about, "wow, you look great! Congratulations!" Cause that's what every pregnant lady wants to hear. Of course, you should make sure they are pregnant first. =) If in doubt, say nothing!