Friday, April 28, 2006

The situation is desperate...

If you'd like to get involved in expressing your concern for the worst humanitarian crisis in our day, please visit:

People all around the world: Stand together against the genocide in Darfur. Take some responsibility in bringing hope and relief to an entire generation of people...before it's too late.

(photo courtesy of Human Rights Watch -

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Is it California...or Europe?
I must have asked this question four hundred times during my three-day road trip to Central California this week. The drive up the 101 to Morro Bay was absolutely breathtaking. Spring has made everything green and painted every spare patch of grass with wildflowers. My friend Merea and I had a great time on the scenic drive up and enjoyed the chance to explore several of Central California's (aka The Wine Country) attractions. We visited Hearst Castle, which many of you may recognize as the most extravagant residence in all of North America. It was built by W.R. Hearst - a journalism tycoon in 1930's & 40's - and the first ever licensed female architect, Julia Morgan. It is a fascinating story of a man and his dream home and the woman who built it for him...and, oh, what a place! You'll probably recognize his pool that shows itself in movies from time to time.

As we drove along the coast, we stopped a several piers just to walk out and take a deep breath of ocean air. I can hardly look at the ocean without thinking of Habakkuk 2:14 "for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea". What an amazing picture of His depth that simply cannot be measured or matched!

Venturing inland revealed countless wineries all bragging the best California wine and offering free tastings. Don't worry, Mom (and other Baptist friends), we didn't give into the temptation to visit all of them.... We did NOT heed the advice of the couple sitting next to us at breakfast in our hotel. Their advice? "Oh, you should visit all of them! There are only like 22 or so in that area and you get seven free tastes at each one. (*note: a taste is more like half a glass*) Yesterday we hit eight or so and came home with who knows how many bottles." My question to them? How the heck did you make it back here for breakfast?!?!

Keri & I before heading out to Wicked.

Two four-eyed girls! I think Sofia looks a little more like a Hollywood baby than a Chicago one. What do you think?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

what a place! Marshall Field's, pizza, city streets, Wicked, wind, Sears Tower, the El, the Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park, and so much more! That city truly has so much to offer. I enjoyed wandering the city streets and listening to the constant hum of the El train. I won't even try to guess just how many hours I spent in Marshall Field's...It would probably compare to the number of times I exclaimed to Sofia, "you are so cute!" She responded with a smile every time...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Check out this website and learn more about the indie film INVISIBLE CHILDREN. Watch the trailer. I'm certain you'll be moved to (at the very least) think about how you can get involved. This film is having an catalytic effect on college campuses all over the USA. I'm amazed at how serious this generation takes issues like these. On one hand, it seems like they are all born with ipods and cell phones in their spoiled little hands. On the polar opposite hand, they are deeply moved by global issues....Christians and non-Christians alike. They are exposed to more information than any other generation, and don't ignore it. They see the emptiness of words without action, and I've observed them to be passionate about global issues and for the believer, how it connects to being a follower of Christ. They have taught me a great deal about the kind of passion it requires to make a difference in the world. It's the kind of passion that involves a willingness to suffer. A willingness to give up their small ambitions of the American dream, and trade it for something eternally valuable. That kind of passion can only be fueled by One who suffered and paid the price we could never pay. He suffered, died, and defeated death to remedy situations like what's happening in Uganda right now (...and Darfur, Iraq, Vietnam, and countless other places...) Take a minute to learn about INVISIBLE CHILDREN and consider it a challenge from this generation to take seriously the desire of Jesus to bring hope and restoration to all the earth...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Husky Car Seats?
check out this story reported on Foxnews today:,2933,190291,00.html

Okay, this is just plain sad. The situation? Kids in America are too fat to fit in the standard size car seat, so now manufacturers are creating the "Husky" seat to accomodate them. They added 4 inches in the seat (to accomodate larger bottoms) and made room for 10 extra pounds per kid. Are you serious, people??? Has anyone ever thought of limiting their kids' intake of fries and chicken nuggets instead of redefining car seat engineering? This is just plain ridiculous...! Now, I'm not a mom and don't plan to be anytime soon, but God help me if I have to buy my kid a Husky. That'll be my cue to quit feeding my kid junk and get them on a plan to lose that extra 4 inches - in a hurry!
(*please note: this kid in the photo has no relation to this story except that he's the kid who came up when I googled "fat kid photos". Hope he's not offended...*)