Friday, October 30, 2009

Bell's Palsy: The Final Chapter

If you are a long time reader, you might have been looking for an update on my Bell's Palsy. I blogged about it last July and last November, but haven't really updated you all since then.

To be honest, I think I have been waiting to announce that the Bell's is completely cured and my face has returned to look the way it always has. But it turns out that I am in the 10% of people who get most of their facial nerves back, but not all of them. It h
as taken me a long time to be ready to talk about it simply because there has been sort of a grieving process. I never thought that I'd grieve so much over my "old" facial expressions!

There is good news, though. You'd probably never notice I had Bell's Palsy unless you knew me well before and noticed that my previously animated expressions are a bit toned down now. If you'd never met me, you probably wouldn't notice that my right eyebrow doesn't move and my right upper lip doesn't move much either. Thankfully, though, I've had months to work on correcting my smile in the mirror and for photos. I am happy to report that it's barely visible anymore...especially for photos, which is where I really noticed it most. I'd say that's real progress.

I appreciate all of you who have shared your Bell's stories, prayers, and encouragement. I hope that by following my story, maybe you'll understand what it means when a friend or relative tells you they have Bell's Palsy. You can tell them that you know someone who had it, lived through it, and is completely healthy and happy afterwards.

A friend took this picture on my birthday and I think it's the best post-Bell's picture so far.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I heart Target.

So since the ascent of my shoe size has begun (pregnancy will do that to you), I have been on the hunt for some cute new flats a half size bigger. Target came through for me again - and at $12.99, I figure these bronze flats are a steal! Thanks, Target for keeping me somewhat stylish during pregnancy. Cause we all know that pregnancy is no excuse for being out of style!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just past the halfway mark!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Little Lion.

On a whim today, I decided that Alex should try on his Halloween costume (or Fall outfit, or Harvest Festival clothes, whatever you want to call them...) so I could take his picture. He was a very good sport. And, of course, I'm biased, but I think he's the cutest Lion ever. I'm going to put some different pics on our family blog, so check there if you want to see more of today's shoot.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2 Years Today. Oh Happy Day!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Chris & Mary

Our good friends Chris & Mary are expecting a baby girl in a couple of weeks. I was thrilled that they took me up on the offer to do a pregnancy photo shoot with them. It was my first, so they were good sports as we learned all about pre-baby photo shoots. Thanks, guys, for a super fun Sunday afternoon downtown!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Clever. Very clever.

Many are getting tired of the health care debate at this point. After all, it's been going on for sooooo long. I must admit, though, this major issue facing Americans has brought out some real political marketing creativity. If you read my blog, it's obvious what side of the debate I'm on. I don't support a government take-over of health care. Reform yes, "government-run options", no.

I really like this little spoof called Listen to Overpaid Celebrities (a Public Service Announcement). It's the second video. I had to include the first one - even though I disagree with its message - so you'd see the genius of the second one! Enjoy!