Thursday, October 01, 2009

Clever. Very clever.

Many are getting tired of the health care debate at this point. After all, it's been going on for sooooo long. I must admit, though, this major issue facing Americans has brought out some real political marketing creativity. If you read my blog, it's obvious what side of the debate I'm on. I don't support a government take-over of health care. Reform yes, "government-run options", no.

I really like this little spoof called Listen to Overpaid Celebrities (a Public Service Announcement). It's the second video. I had to include the first one - even though I disagree with its message - so you'd see the genius of the second one! Enjoy!



Elizabeth said...

hey I can't see the second video. What's the website so I can go and watch it. Thanks. Liz

Nicole said...

Hey Liz,

Here's the link:

OR, you can search YouTube for PSA - Listen to Overpaid Celebrities.

Hopefully you can find it either way!

Terrells said...

So I don't know you but I looked your page up through Tamra Goldsmith's and Man I LOVE THOSE two videos I've been so fed up with the health care debate watching that 2nd video just made my night thanks for sharing it!! *LOL* it was great!