Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is Chilling.

Yesterday I was reading the Iowa Right to Life newsletter and something caught my attention. Iowa is one of 15 states that have their own laws regarding cloning human embryos for stem cell research. (There is a federal ban enacted by Bill Clinton stating that federal money cannot be used for cloning and/or embryonic stem cell research) In Iowa, cloning is LEGAL. The law now permits scientists to create human embryos through cloning and grow them to any stage in development for the purpose of research. This is frightening to me. It's a quiet first step to the future of this type of research that (I believe) actually gives people the false hope that all disease can be cured eventually - even if it means casually creating and ending life. This is such a slippery slope. The"possibilities" are often touted as promising medical advancements. But this type of dangerous experimentation can lead to all sorts of outrageous moral problems.

Think about it...

Do you have a kid that needs a lung transplant? Why not grow another baby and give the older kid a lung from the younger one? Does your baby have cancer? Why not intervene at the embryonic stage and use the new kid to help the old one? How about your kid is blind and needs new eyes? Grow some new ones! The problem here, while it may appeal to parents of all types of sick children, is...what happens to the cloned human embryos - and if it gets to this in the future, the humans? Are they disposed of after they are "used" for the benefit of someone else? Is their health so compromised that they are no longer capable of living a normal human life? How is it that one human can be so valued over another? Not to mention my prime objection as a Christian that GOD is the creator of life. And it happens through a loving act of marriage, not in a test tube to make babies for the benefit of research.

I challenge you to do a little research on where your state stands on this issue. If you want to protect life, look into supporting a Right to Life group near you. Right to Life not only stands against the greatest tragedy of our day, abortion, they also stand against ALL measures that threaten life. Embryonic stem cell research, cloning, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, and other issues must be brought to the forefront of discussion for Americans. Because, whether you realize it or not, some politicians - particularly those in power now - are pushing for legislation that would allow all of these things. Often the legislation is presented as the great hope for curing all disease. It's not possible, folks. This world is a broken place. There will always be disease, hardship, and suffering on this side of heaven. While it's tempting to buy into a utopian idea that every hardship everywhere can be eradicated, it just ain't so!

Our attempts to create perfection here on earth are at best noble ideas. At worst, they are shocking efforts to elevate our human accomplishments to those of God. God is the giver and taker of life. We should allow Him to reign in this area and recognize our distorted notions that we can do anything He can.

Just something to think about today...
I know that baby shoes are unnecessary...

but I love them anyway. =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Studio Photography.

This studio assignment was to take some advertising-type photos. For this first one, we were supposed to make room for the ad type in the photo. I went ahead and added Oreo's trademarked slogan for effect.

This was a flat advertising shot. It makes me feel like I could go for a whole plate of Oreos right about now. Guess that's the goal.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Probably the only $25 I've never missed...

I paid $25 for this little jewel last summer at a garage sale. It was a practically new food processor, complete with the owner's manual and box. The lady who sold it to me said she'd never even opened it! Seriously, Lady, do you cook at all? Anyways, what a steal! Several times a week I look at it and think about how I've probably not found a better use for 25 bucks. I'm making baby food, hummus, salsa, all sorts of yummy things thanks to my little Kitchen Aid. I used to pass over recipes when I saw they had to be pureed or chopped or food processed of some sort. No more!

Come on, 2009 Garage Sale Season!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday, March 07, 2009

He always brings me flowers...

One of the million reasons I love my husband.