Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jason's Birthday.

Yesterday we celebrated Jason's birthday and since we had Connection Group last night, it was a ready-made party! We always enjoy Tuesday nights with our friends from Cornerstone. And it's even better when there's cake!
This is my humble attempt at making a homemade cake look like a store-decorated one.
Gabe, Carolyn, & Melissa
Jason and Todd being the "old guys" in the group.
Jason's really 34, but I thought 4 candles was enough.

Jason commented that one of the many perks of having a wife is having someone to make a big deal out of your birthday. I enjoyed every minute of making a big deal out of him yesterday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My husband has launched a new website I thought many readers might be interested in. Smart Parents...healthy kids! is a website Jason has created for parents who are interested in learning more about taking care of their children's health at home. He offers lots of education for parents that, quite honestly, your pediatrician knows but probably doesn't take the time to explain in the office. Various topics include how to treat fever, cough, sore throat, ear aches and more. He works as a pediatrician full time in the emergency room at a large hospital and has created Smart Parents...healthy kids! to equip parents and help them to keep their kids OUT of the emergency room and avoid unnecessary doctor's visits. Hopefully many of you will find it helpful.

Sign up as a subscriber to Jason's newsletter on various kids' health topics. You can easily sign up on the website and we promise not to spam you! So, be sure to sign up for the newsletter and be well on your way to smart parenthood...and healthy kids.

Let us know what you think about the website - we'd love feedback!

Friday, April 18, 2008

This no longer looks like a Baby Bump! It's definitely a Baby Belly! We are at 25 weeks now...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Least Favorite TV Show

I don't watch a lot of TV but occasionally I find myself watching it while Jason is at work. I have decided that the show I love to hate is Jon & Kate plus 8 on TLC. Basically it's about a couple (Jon & Kate) who used fertility treatments to get pregnant twice and ended up with eight kids. They have a set of twins and sextuplets and live in Pennsylvania. They are also the stars of their very own reality show.

I have decided that Kate is really the most annoying part of the show. She is the perfect example of a nagging wife, an overprotective mom, and a generally unhappy person. She is always complaining and whining about something. And her poor husband Jon seems to be the constant target of her jabs - at his weight, his parenting abilities...even his intelligence. He is literally pummeled in every episode by his quarrelsome wife.

Just in case Kate ever happens upon my blog, or if I ever need an occasional reminder that these are not desirable wifely qualities, I have made a list of tips for Kate (and me, and any other wives who take note)...

1. A little affirmation goes a long way. Husbands love to hear that they have done a great job at something - and they always do a great job at something. And most of the time, they do a great job at lots of things.

2. Just because he doesn't do it your way doesn't mean it's not right. Swallow your "my way is the only right way perspective" and allow him to do it - his way. And then be grateful! After all, he probably helped with something you otherwise would have done.

3. Dads are not Moms, but that doesn't mean they are idiots. As long as he's not endangering their health by feeding them poisonous food, he's probably doing a swell job. Relax and let him do it. Maybe seize the opportunity to take a nap while he's taking over as Dad for a while...

4. If you are going to comment about his weight, at least do it in a way that is loving and helpful. Sarcasm is not the way to communicate to someone that you love that you are concerned about their weight. I figure most women should know this. (After all, don't we grow up obsessing about our bodies?) However, Kate has given me enough bad examples that it seems some women don't know this...unfortunately it seems like it only degrades and embarrasses the husband who receives this kind of criticism.

5. Always take his side in front of others. I realize this must be incredibly difficult when you have cameras in your house 24/7, Kate. But cameras or no, (and most of us don't have any...) there is no reason you can't take his side in public. If you disagree with him or have some criticism for him - deal with it in private. Do it with love. And for goodness sake, there is no need to scream. Ever.

I could go on and on with this list but I'd have to keep the TV on and watch the behavior of this couple to get more specific examples. And frankly, I don't want to. It is such a poor example of how a marriage and family should work that I just can't watch anymore...

*DISCLAIMER: Before you start thinking that I am just plain mean, hear me say loudly and clearly that I am NOT PERFECT....I just don't have a camera in my house all the time. And, granted, I don't have eight kids. So, Kate, I'm not attacking you - just the behavior I see on the show. To put a more positive spin on things, let's see it as my desire to learn from the too-many-to-count bad examples on the show. Thanks, TLC. You've given me as much learning as I can take...