Monday, April 03, 2006

Husky Car Seats?
check out this story reported on Foxnews today:,2933,190291,00.html

Okay, this is just plain sad. The situation? Kids in America are too fat to fit in the standard size car seat, so now manufacturers are creating the "Husky" seat to accomodate them. They added 4 inches in the seat (to accomodate larger bottoms) and made room for 10 extra pounds per kid. Are you serious, people??? Has anyone ever thought of limiting their kids' intake of fries and chicken nuggets instead of redefining car seat engineering? This is just plain ridiculous...! Now, I'm not a mom and don't plan to be anytime soon, but God help me if I have to buy my kid a Husky. That'll be my cue to quit feeding my kid junk and get them on a plan to lose that extra 4 inches - in a hurry!
(*please note: this kid in the photo has no relation to this story except that he's the kid who came up when I googled "fat kid photos". Hope he's not offended...*)

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Glo said...

Obesity in America is so out of control! I was just as shocked by this news story. And the kid in the he in training to become a sumo wrestler?