Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Well since my children are napping and I have a little time on my hands, I thought I'd do a nesting post...again.

If you read my family blog, you'll know that we completed Henry's early birthday party, which was pretty much the last of my to do list. The freezer is full and so is the pantry. The closets are all cleaned out. The newborn clothes are laundered and ready. The bag is packed. Nothing to do now except wait on Baby #3. I am such a list checker offer that I am so grateful that the list is done. And, of course, now I'll start some other new project to keep me busy until Baby comes. It's the task oriented human being's way, I guess.

I thought I'd start this nesting series (I have no idea how much time/energy I'll have to write too many posts, but we'll see) with a little list I've been compiling in my head for a while now...

It's called
Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Lady.
I'll start with the actual words that people say to me, followed by my internal interpretation of them:

"Wow. Do you know how much that baby weighs?" I hear, Geez lady, you are huge and your kid is probably going to be a fatso too.

"Do you know if you are dilated?" Seriously, stranger, are you asking about my nether regions? Cause that's just weird.

"It looks like it's dropped." You are trying to make me feel better that maybe the baby will come soon. Thank you. This one isn't as painful to hear but should I respond? Thank you for noticing that my tummy is low...I guess.

"You are gonna have your hands full." Mostly this comment comes from people who see me with my two other children (ages 2.5 & 12 months). If I had a quarter for every time someone said it, I'd be paying for my children's college education. I'd love to offer an alternative. How about, "Wow, these two children are completely angelic and behaving so well in this grocery store that I'm certain your next baby will be a piece of cake."

"When's that baby due? Oh my goodness, six more weeks! Girl, are you gonna make it?" Well, yes, I will. But thank you for pointing out that it looks like I'm not gonna make it. =)

"Wow. Is there just one baby in there?!" Yes, skinny lady, there is. And if there were more, the three or four of us would gladly kick you in the shins for saying such a silly thing.

I also receive strange looks from people when I am out with Henry (my 12 mo. old) and I'm nine+ months pregnant. They look at him, look at me, look at him, look at me. Then they say, "So, when's your baby due? And how old is he (pointing at Henry)?" Then, they are certainly doing math gymnastics in their head to figure out how/when I got pregnant. One lady even said, "wow, just after the 6 week check up, huh?" Seriously, people. It creeps me out that you are thinking about the process of me getting pregnant. Just say, "oh they'll be close together, huh? They'll be best friends." That's much more positive and much less creepy.

"You haven't had that baby yet?" No I haven't. Evident by the huge tummy I'm still sporting.

I'm sure many of you have something to add to the discussion. Feel free to chime in on the comment section if you want to share something.

And here's a free PSA: If you want to say something to a pregnant woman, how about, "wow, you look great! Congratulations!" Cause that's what every pregnant lady wants to hear. Of course, you should make sure they are pregnant first. =) If in doubt, say nothing!


Kevin and Bekah said...

I am rolling here. My favorite was the "Do you know if you are dilated?" I don't think anyone except maybe close friends asked me that one. And of course the "more than one comment." I never understood why I always got that one from other moms. It was as if they had completely forgotten what is was like at the end of a pregnancy. But I guess I have, too. I already miss being pregnant and feeling the kicks- so much so I don't remember the rib kicks, the numbness of random body parts or the pressure on my bladder.

Try to enjoy your last few days - can't wait to see pics!

amy said...

People can be so crazy!

Whenever people make the "your hands must be full" comment about Noah and Quinn, I always reply "better full than empty!"

Keri Sheckler said...

These are great! So glad you shared/reminded me of all those comments. It made me think that such comments usually did come from WOMEN! Men are more gracious and generally very careful with pregnant women.

Nicole said...

Yes, Keri, I always think it's odd that it is women who say these crazy things. ALL of these comments came from women!

Shawn Graham said...

Nicole, I'm rolling here! I always love your posts like this - so funny and so true.

I'm so sad to say that I've been asking people that aren't just my close friends if they are dialated. Oh geez, I've become one of those crazys who has forgotten social norms. I'm gonna work on that.

Of course, for me, I'm always trying to be helpful and ecouraging when they tell me the details, but I may be infringing a bit.

The comment I heard some was, "Oh you look good," then someone added the truth to the comment, "you haven't gained as much weight as I thought you would." So I began to realize that is what that comment means - your not as fat as I thought you'd get - wow, thanks!

Bobbie and Justin said...

Nine days after I had Jude, I saw an aquaintance in public. He looked at me and then said, "I thought the last time I saw you you said you were about to have that baby. When are you due again?" I politely stated that my son was a week and half old and he shyly apologized. I mean, I know that I hadn't lost all of my weight in nine days, but geez, I didn't think I looked 9+ months pregnant!

Nicole said...

I also forgot to mention the comment one lady made several weeks ago..."I'm surprised you can still walk." Really, lady? I have two small children to chase after, a house to clean, meals to cook, and a marriage to nurture. Walking is the least of my worries!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing many smiles and laughter today...all at your expense. You are a good sport! AND, I'm sure you look great! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest little Reynolds baby boy...

And oh yes, congrats on the new mini van!! That's quite an accomplishment. I'm sure you'll have many memories and funny stories from inside the van to tell very soon - can't wait!