Monday, August 22, 2005

I took this picture yesterday from the Santa Monica pier. The weather yesterday was unbelievable...perfect for being outside and enjoying the California sun. A friend and I walked the pier, rode the ferris wheel, and rode tandem along the beachside bike path. It was a real California experience. I saw thousands of Californians rollerblading, biking, and running along the beach in their bikinis and bare chests. It looked exactly like the California you see in movies!

Some of my main thoughts from the day were:
#1 I would not be caught dead in a bikini on rollerblades.
#2 I wish my mom could be here to enjoy the beach with me.
#3 Now I understand why so many people dream of living in California.
#4 Now I understand why those who live here never leave. The sun and beauty of it all is much too addicting...


Anonymous said...

Nicole, I love your picture of the beach and ocean. I have a similar photo hanging over my desk, only it's of Moonstone Beach on the Central Coast.

I lived in California for most of my life and just moved back to Oklahoma, where I was born and raised and still have family.

Do I miss California? Yes and no. I don't miss the sprawl and the building boom and high cost of living.

But every month when I get an email newsletter from the Moss Beach Distillery at Half Moon Bay I think, oh, fritters! I'd love to be there today!
Pat Browning

Ryan & Adriane Smith said...

Nicole, I love it, makes me want to be there. I too miss the good things about California.
Things are good here. Got your message, my screen on my phone is broke so I don't have your number, if you call me again leave your number and I will call back. later.