Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year, A New City

A short apology for being an absent blogger. I truly did not intend to be that person that annoys me in the blogging world...the one who NEVER posts. You know who you are. You wait weeks and sometimes months to post something. Just about the time I have given up on you, you post a back log of the last six months complete with pictures. Sometimes you have a radically new hairstyle, or got married, or moved. A vast amount of life has changed in those absent months...Now, I AM that person. Sorry. I will try to do better. I haven't changed my hairstyle, but I'll include some of the newest updates.

First, there was so much to celebrate in 2007. Namely, marrying the love of my life.

Life with Jason is incredibly sweet. We enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family and were spoiled a bit with Jason's 18 or more days off in December. We spent Christmas in West Texas, going back and forth between my family and his. All in all, it was a great time to catch up with family and enjoy the Christmas season together.

There is also much to celebrate in 2008, starting with a new city! We are moving to Des Moines, Iowa this month. Jason has been doing work in hospitals for over a year now as an independant contractor. It's a super fun life for a single guy, but the travel and schedule is not so conducive to a stable home life. So, he interviewed in Iowa in September and we took a trip together to scope it out. We accepted the position in October (again, a late announcement on my part). For months now we have been looking forward to this new chapter. Des Moines is a real answer to prayer for us - a great job, friends nearby in Iowa, and a home. We are excited to be on the journey and look forward to all that's in store for us in the Midwest. Seems like a cool place.

This week went to visit Des Moines and walk through the condo we are buying. We found a great place directly across the street from the hospital, so Jason can walk to work and we can walk all over downtown. True urban living in Des Moines. The condo is in a 100 year old building that has been completely redone with all new stuff. The great thing is that they kept the cool old hardwood floors and woodwork, so it feels "old" even though it's new. Perfect. I'll post a few pics when I can...

I'll leave you with an article published in the NY Times recently about the "coolness" of Des Moines.


Melissa said...

I love hearing how your life is! Thanks for blogging. I'm very excited that you will be the state next door! You must come out to Chicago!

Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

Your picture says so much...the sweetness of love and life.

Cal said...

I love the picture....You are beautiful!!

auDi tHis woRld said...

how is Iowa?