Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The "tolerant" Left.

I'm sure you've been following the story of Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009. In the Miss USA pageant the other night, she was asked to comment on the subject of gay marriage. The person who asked her, Perez Hilton, is an openly gay man/famous Hollywood gossip blogger who was one of the contest judges. He didn't like her answer when she said in part, "I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's just the way I was raised."

After her answer, the crowd is heard giving a divided response. Some people clap and some people boo. But the real firestorm happened AFTER the pageant when Perez Hilton blasted in a video on his blog calling her a "dumb b*tch". He later apologized but when Carrie came out publicly to say she had "no regrets" about her answer (because she is a Christian and was quoted as saying she answered the question based on her beliefs), Perez launched into another video tirade on MSNBC using even harsher language than before to rail on Carrie and others who oppose gay marriage. The pageant directors even came out swinging saying they were "saddened" that Carrie is so "out of touch" with people her age on the issues. My thought? Good for her for being "out of touch"! It probably means she hasn't lost herself in a world that pressures her to give up her traditional views. And, hey, even our Left-leaning president has traditional views on the definition of marriage.

Here's my frustration with the Liberal Left agenda (represented by Hollywood and the media): They paint themselves as the most tolerant of all - accepting all people and welcoming them into the loving embrace of togetherness that they see as American and good. But what they really mean is "We are tolerant as long as you agree with us." Disagree with them or even worse, *gasp* hold any conservative viewpoint that includes a moral compass and view of God, and you are vile human being who deserves to be hated, publicly humiliated, cursed, bullied and blacklisted. I could be wrong, but how is that tolerance?


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Melissa said...

You go girl! I have had such thoughts myself on this contradiction.

Michelle Moras said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! I was so proud when I heard her answer ~ I feel so bad for all the scrutiny she is getting. It is so so true that the left is only tolerant of views that align with there own!

janelle said...

well said. i saw the show and had been following the media craziness since. thanks for articulating this so well.