Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Studio Final Exam.

This was my final in Studio Photography. The assignment was to make an old school collage using photos and words. I say old school because we literally had to cut, paste, and glue them on to a board and then photograph them in the studio. I'll admit that I thought this assignment was a little dumb (after all, hasn't my instructor figured out that you can do the same thing with a little electronic thing called a computer?) Anyways, despite my initial thoughts, I was pleased with the results. This photo turned out to be a great reminder of our honeymoon.

Overall, I learned a lot in Studio Photography. I am taking the summer off from classes and I'm not really sure if I'll be taking more or not. Either way, I'll still be taking lots of photos of Alex, life, and whatever else seems interesting. I've learned that good photography takes lots and lots of practice. So I'm not giving up my day job for it or anything, but I'll take whatever opportunities I can to practice more this summer. I'll keep posting whatever ends up in front of my lens!

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