Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Farmer's Market

One of the things I love about living in Iowa is the season from May to October - Farmer's Market season! There are several local markets in various Des Moines neighborhoods on various days, making it easy to find good local stuff all summer, just about any day of the week. There are yummy local veggies, food stands, local wines, artisan cheeses, breads, sweets, and tons of other goodies. We love to stroll and take in the goods!

If you are a Texas reader, correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't have this sort of outdoor farmer's market in Texas. You know why?? Because it's blazing hot and people's faces would melt off if they were outside pedaling their homemade wares! Instead, the local farmer's market is usually confined to a little air-conditioned building that sells local fruit and veggies. Sorry, Texans, but the Iowa version is WAY better!

This past week Jason was working, so I took Alex as my date. Here are a couple of pictures to document our visit...


malita said...

correction friend - DESPITE the hellish heat we do have them - here in Austin in fact we have it every weekend at several locations and they are pretty big and pretty cool. Everything from produce to baked goods to jewelry...guess you just have to know which part of texas to live in.

Nicole said...

Oh, of course, Malita, I stand corrected. I should have known that Austin - the coolest place in Texas - would have farmer's markets. Guess most of my experience has been with West Texas - the NOT coolest place in Texas. =) Enjoy a few Tejas farmer's market goods for me, will ya?