Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Sprinkle for Baby Brother

Last night a few friends hosted a "sprinkle" for me and Baby Brother. I love the term "sprinkle"! It makes so much sense that for a second kid (or third, fourth, whatever...) a sprinkle is all you need. Less focus on gifts for the baby - although they are involved - and more focus on spending quality time with friends in anticipation of a new baby. I am so grateful to already have a group of ladies here in Houston to hang out with. Some of them I've known as long as 10 years and some as short as a few months. We had a fabulous time last night at the Dessert Gallery chatting about babies, birth, jobs, family, and the best dessert venues in know, just the important stuff. Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful sprinkle!

36.5 weeks pregnant

The fabulous Big O cake at Dessert Gallery. Rich, chocolatey, and generously served. Over the course of two hours, I had no problem finishing every bit of it.

All the ladies attending the sprinkle.

Daddy's dessert...I couldn't leave the Gallery without a treat for him!

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The Marshmans said...

work it mama!!!! You look fantastic!