Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Four to the Store

Sometimes I have moments of craziness. Like taking four to the store on a Saturday morning. Obvious I bribed them to participate in this fun little outing with a promise that they could wear whatever they wanted. They picked wisely and we rolled into our local grocery with three Superheroes and a girl baby superhero - the boys rationalized that this WAS in fact her costume and they made sure to tell any strangers who asked about it...

Most of the strangers smiled and gave me the knowing "I have been there" looks. 

Of course, the secret to making this strategy work is to make it in and out of the store in about 27 minutes flat. Watch out, Y'all, here comes the crazy circus with a giant overloaded two-kid cart! =)

Three cheers for a happy Saturday morning ending!

I suppose that Henry is now technically the Second Oldest kid, but he still photographs like a Middle Kid, don't you think? =)

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