Sunday, March 12, 2006

Overdue: An update on NASCAR

Okay, so I liked NASCAR! It was more exciting than any other sporting event I've been to. The vibration of the fast car noise and the excitement of 100,000 people packed in grandstands was exhilarating! At first, I wondered if it would really be fun watching these cars go in the same circle for 250 laps, but it was actually really cool.

Perhaps the most fun was watching the die hard fans in their multicolored caps, halter tops, and jackets - each one supporting their driver. It seemed like almost a religious experience for some of them..."C'mon Tony, don't let me down! ...Jeff Gordon, I'm here for you, man!...This is the best day of my life because Matt won..." Hmm...I'm thinking that many of them could benefit from something a little more substantial for a life motivation, because after all, NASCAR is bound to let you down someday...There will come a day when the keg's empty, the cars are all burnt out, and the multicolored jackets no longer fit...

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