Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How do you know you just broke up with a psycho?
Associated Press
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
(source: Fox News)

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Corpus Christi woman says she got something horrifying in the mail.

Corpus Christi police say the woman reports her ex-boyfriend mailed her a severed human finger.

Police haven't released the identities.

Police Captain John Houston says police aren't sure which finger was removed or how it was removed, but that the finger appeared to have been cleanly severed and washed.

Police said a letter was enclosed, stating -- quote -- "This is the last chance to touch you."

The 32-year-old woman filed for an emergency protective order from the 34-year-old man last week before receiving the package. Police say the man moved to the Houston suburb of Spring last week and hasn't been located.
Yeah, so I think that's how you know. I guess maybe some would call him a romantic...I mean, I guess he didn't do half bad with the note. But seriously, I'd call it psycho. Remind me to never date a guy missing a finger...


Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole, Shawn told me I could find you here. It is great to hear about your life I will continue to check in on you from time to time. Michael and I have MySpace accounts. I would love for you to see photos of our little boy, Joshua. I'm glad to know you are journeying along with us. Much love, Jana Kelley

Dolores said...

Hi!!! I´ll remember the finger thing if you can forget that!!!!!!! jajajajaja... I just came to say hello...

take care!!! And thank you for coming the other night!! I´ve really enjoy it!!