Monday, June 05, 2006

Missing my favorite city...

This time of year always makes me think of my summers in Turkey. Oh, how I miss the busy streets of Istanbul, the late night dinners on my neighbor's balcony, and the fruit stands on the way home. It seems like every summer I know someone who gets to travel there (either from CBU or other connections) and I must confess that I am jealous.

This is one of my all time favorite views of the ancient city from the top of Galata tower. A friend snapped it last summer while I was pointing out all the highlights of the city to my friend Deb. (by the way, those are her hands seemingly sprouting out of my profile in this photo)

Friends who are there now:
You simply must go to Galata and see this view for yourself. 360 degrees of pure Istanbul!

Others who have been there:
Remember how fabulous this city and the people are?

The rest of you who haven't been to Turkey:
See what you are missing. Why have you not ventured into this historical Mediterranean heaven?


Kim said...

Nicole, I've written you a poem, it was inspired by your blog and my coffee on the way home tonight:

the city of 7 hills
you miss it so much you have to pop pills
you love to remember, reminisce and talk
being there you always have to walk
you want to get back there, at times it makes you crazy
you can get delivery and be oh so lazy
you can walk by the water in europe or the east
and have doner and pide for a great feast...
constantinople it once was called
where many men are Turkish and bald!!

i know i know, i took the words right out of your head!!

Nicole M said...

oh, how I love your poems, Kim! You should probably lay off the late night coffee, though, if it is making you think of the bald Turkish men. You gotta draw the line somewhere, you know? Love ya!

malita said...

This is MY favorite spot as well!! Great picture - i miss it too!!!

Sarah Joy said...

I'm sure that your Mom and I are glad that you are NOT in Turkey since they had that TERRORIST attack today! Talked to your Mom the other day (called for a loan). She updated me on your upcoming opportunities- GOOD LUCK!