Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So, evidently many of you have read my blog closely and picked up on my hints about someone who has become a very important part of my life.

Jason and I were introduced by our families. His sister and my mom work together in Abilene, Texas and for literally months they were nudging us on either side. I totally thought he was too good to be true. I knew he had just moved back from Australia, was a pediatrician, a world traveler, and from Abilene, Texas. At the very least, he sounded interesting – a West Texas guy who had grown up and had some fascinating global experiences.

I gave in to my mom’s nudging only once. I told her, “I will email him ONCE. And that’s it.” Basically I was hoping to sort of pacify her and satisfy the building curiosity about a man I knew virtually nothing about. I was willing to go out on a limb just to learn a little more about this man my mom (and his sister) seemed convinced would be a good match for me.

From his very first email response, I was impressed. He shared a bit why he had chosen medicine, his desire to be a part of global work in the future, and his willingness to entertain the idea of him and I emailing to get to know each other “just to see how it goes”.

Over the course of several weeks, we discovered that we did indeed have LOTS in common. He is driven by a desire to love and serve Christ in life, be actively engaged in global work, and welcome any opportunities to grow and learn along the way. These are the qualities that shine most brilliantly in who he is. He also likes to laugh, is a great communicator, and radiates generosity – all qualities to love in a person. We even figured out that we had the most random things in common: we have both spent time in Kathmandu (Nepal), grew up 30 minutes from each other, went to the same high school hang-outs, and were even in Berlin this past summer within days of each other.

We met in person in early October (the original email was at the end of August) and hit it off. Our first date consisted of him taking me to eat Lebanese food and both of us getting to know the person behind all the emails. Since then we’ve seen each other as much as possible and spent time with friends in Fort Worth and in Houston. All of the friends seem to agree that he and I are very well-matched. That has, perhaps, been one of the best things about this journey…to have friends who are close to me affirm that he and this relationship are something really special. A real gift from God… one that has been a tremendous reminder to us both that a Christ-like relationship is truly worth waiting for.

I’m also now a little bit less skeptical that family and friends really ARE capable of arranging some pretty good dating match-ups.

For now, he’s in Houston. But by July 1st, he’ll be in Fort Worth. I can hardly wait to start hanging out with him in person a lot. He and I both agree that we’d like to hang out in a together sort of way for a long, long, long time.


Elizabeth said...

That's great! I'm excited for you! Do you have a picture? :) All your readers would love to see him!

Sarah said...

Yeah! I know this might be random but I needed a story like this for a tad bit of encouragement right now - I love you and believe it or not CBU is not quite the same without you - but I am so glad God put you there right now. Sarah G.

kim said...

you are lovestruck. it's great. i'm glad we got to talk last week. hey, post a picture of your boyfriend. i want to check this boyfriend of yours out!
love ya

Rebecca said...

Love the blogging world. Love your story. Love the encouragement it gives me. Need pictures.

Jack and Sheryl said...

So, so so excited. He sounds great, Nicole. Being in the same town will be great for your relationship and will allow you to learn even so much more about each other. The good ones always move for the girl. :) I can't wait to hear more about him.

Amy said...

This is like the best blog entry I've read in a really long time and I read alottttta blogs! It sounds really wonderful and I hope you two have tons of fun together!!!

Greg & Kim said...

Hey Nicole! Found your blog through the Johnsons. It's wonderful to read about your relationship with Jason - a beautiful thing! Looking forward to reading more and seeing pictures in the near future! Love, Kim (Gimple) King

jess said...

Hey! I know exactly where you are... I've been dating Rob (an old j'man friend) for the past YEAR and when I move to Nashville next month we'll have our first opportunity to see each other's face for seven days in a row!! I can't wait for that first week- and all the rest after that!
I'm really happy for you!!!