Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To my mom on her 60th...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom turned 60 last week while we were in NY. I thought it appropriate to take a minute to recognize this amazing woman that brought me into the world...Even now as I experience the joys of pregnancy and look forward to the gift of motherhood, I have so much gratitude for my mom.

When my mom finished high school in our tiny hometown of Albany, Texas she set out for her own adventure. I can understand her desire to get out and see the world, after all, because I felt the same way. While I loved small town Texas, I was itching to do something new. Anyways, Mom went to a small junior college in Cisco - simply because she could join the drill team there and get a full scholarship. After Cisco, she and her girlfriends set out for the ultimate "coming of age" experience, renting an apartment in downtown Dallas in the 1960's. She worked downtown, walked to work every day and loved city life.

She and my dad married and set out for a new adventure together living in Germany for 3 years. She gave birth to her first child, my sister Melissa, in Germany and lived without email, digital pictures, and cell phone calls to America (beyond what I can fathom). She often comments that her experience in Germany was something she would NEVER take back - even though at the time it seemed a little crazy to move halfway around the world as a newlywed.

After my parents moved back to America, my brother and I came along. My parents divorced when I was in the fourth grade, but for as long as I can remember, I never heard a negative word from either one of them about the other. I am grateful they allowed us to grow up and learn to see them and love each of them as they are.

My mom always worked full time and provided what we needed - without us ever knowing that we were often in need. She leaned heavily on her faith through losing both of her parents before she turned 50. Within the same period of 4 years, she lost her dad to cancer, her mom to heart complications, and her second husband a sudden heart attack. He was only 48.

When I felt called to go overseas, she was supportive and never once questioned if I was doing the right thing. She came to visit me in Turkey and California and has vowed that no matter where I live, she'll come.

In the last 10 years, she's welcomed four grandchildren into her life and been transformed into a very cool Mimi. She's also survived breast cancer, a midnight car wreck with four cows that totaled her car, a broken ankle and reconstructive surgery, and numerous West Texas highway run-ins with deer. She is a woman of faith, always relying on the Lord to see her through the difficult times.

And, in the last year, she graciously survived being mother of the bride AND mother of the groom for me and my brother.

The quality that I love most about my mom, though, is her sense of humor. She is one of the funniest people I know and has always, always seen things in life with humor. I hope I can learn from her motherly sense of humor and the ease with which she can make us laugh.

For so many pivotal times in my life she has been a counselor, a listener, a comedian, and most of all, a mom.

I truly hope I can be half the mom she is...

I love you, Mom!

p.s. She's beautiful too, isn't she??

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