Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jason's Birthday.

Yesterday we celebrated Jason's birthday and since we had Connection Group last night, it was a ready-made party! We always enjoy Tuesday nights with our friends from Cornerstone. And it's even better when there's cake!
This is my humble attempt at making a homemade cake look like a store-decorated one.
Gabe, Carolyn, & Melissa
Jason and Todd being the "old guys" in the group.
Jason's really 34, but I thought 4 candles was enough.

Jason commented that one of the many perks of having a wife is having someone to make a big deal out of your birthday. I enjoyed every minute of making a big deal out of him yesterday!


Jack and Sheryl said...

great job on the cake, my dear!

Michelle said...

That cake was the most incredible cake I have ever had! Seriously I could eat a bowl of that frosting every day! Could you send me the recipe? If it's a secret I would totally understand... it's worth keeping to yourself! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole. I found you on Michael and Jana Kelley's blog page. It was so much fun to catch up on your life and see you are married now with a baby on the way. Do you have facebook or anything like that? Would LOVE to stay connected!!!
Marcy (Griffin) Hallden

auDi tHis woRld said...

I agree - it is fun getting to make a big deal out of husband's birthday!