Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pirate Mama...

Alex, Jason, and I have had a restful week at home. We have caught up on sleep and enjoyed having my mom here. She seriously does everything around the house...what a tremendous blessing it has been to have her here. Not to mention that she is soaking in all of little Alex she can before she heads back to Texas. He sure does love his Mimi.

My blood pressure has continued to improve this week, which is good news. As for my "Pirate Mama" photo, you might notice that my face looks a little different. On our last day in the hospital, I noticed that I had lost some feeling in one side of my face. My eye was droopy, my lip numb, and it just seemed overall limp. So after visiting with the Neurologist, we found out I had what's called Bell's Palsy. Bell's is basically a swelling of one of the nerves that affects one side of my face. It's not dangerous and usually resolves on its own after a couple of weeks, it's just sort of a nuisance at this point. One of the important things is to keep my eye covered so it doesn't dry out, since I'm not blinking normally...

Hence, the patch. It's actually kind of fun - my new role as Pirate Mama. I do try to take it off when I'm feeding Alex, though. I don't want him to think his mommy is planning to wear a new costume and invent a new character each week. I'm perfectly happy with my new dual role as just plain Mama to sweet little Alex and just plain Mama of Jason's son.

Life is sweet.



Robin said...

Oh my goodness! Take care of yourself. Do they think it was caused from the pregnancy?

Glo said...


Alex is so cute! Sorry to hear about the Bell's Palsy. I will be praying for a quick and speedy recovery.