Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goin' Back to School.

This week I started class at the Des Moines Area Community College. I figured it was high time to get back out of the house and into the halls of school - again. This time, though, my aim is purely artistic. I am taking a basic digital photography class and I am so excited about learning the in's and out's of photography. I have always wanted to be a good photographer and the class seems to promise all I'll need to get started. I have a new camera and all my school supplies...right down to the 3-ring binder. Can't say I've bought one of those since the 7th grade! That binder is going to hold all of my photo projects for the semester. If they are any good, perhaps I'll post some after a few weeks. Might be fun to see how the photos improve (or not) over the course of several months.

Since we are on the subject, I'll give a little shout out to my favorite photographers. There are so many blogs and sites I look at regularly and think "I wish my photos were half that good!", especially ones with candid family and kid photos like the Marshman's, the Schulz's, and Adriane Smith. Austinite Malita Jones has great scenery pics - my favorite is the Fenceline - it so reminds me of West Texas. I also have to mention Rebecca Mayfield, who, would be in the top 5 if she had a photography website. However, these days she's spending her time hanging out by her blow-up pool in the backyard instead of taking tons of photos. Last but not least, my all-time favorite photographer to envy online is Trever Hoehne. His photos are truly amazing. It probably doesn't hurt that he lives in California and has an endless supply of beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people to shoot...

So, my photography journey begins. Don't look for me to set up a website or anything yet... since my skills have yet to be determined. But hopefully you regular readers can track my progress and keep up with my photography as it improves in the coming months. I'll post the pictures to prove it.


The Marshmans said...

You should look at the she gives actual photography advice and she takes amazing pics!! and she is funny too! Good luck with your class,it sounds fun.

malita said...

Good luck chica - and wooo hooo I made the blog - thanks!! Ok I just checked out Trevor's photography and now am struggling with envy ;-) Of course all of his subjects are model material!!!! Looks like a vanity fair spread!