Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Mommy's New Vocabulary.

Alex is 4 weeks old now and it's fun to see how he's changing every day. He awoke from his newborn slumber and has proven to have a pretty healthy set of lungs on him. Man, can that kid wail! Jason and I are figuring out how to let him "cry it out" when he needs to and when to cuddle him. Such a difficult balance. But we are learning!

In other news, I have noticed that as a mom I have some new phrases in my vocabulary. My new vocab includes a lot of words that I admit I've never thought I'd use on a daily basis. And, honestly, things that I used to hear moms say and think "she's gone nuts". Now I'm one of those nuts I guess. Here's a sample...

(to Alex) "Do you have poops?"
(to Jason) ""oh no, he's shooting tee tee everywhere!""
(to Alex) "You are the sweeeeetest baby in the whole wide world." What can I say? This kid's gonna have a healthy self image.
"I'm so tired."
"Why is he crying?"
(to Alex) "open wide for Mommy"
(to Alex) "do you have burps?"...burp..."oh, good burp, baby!"
(to Alex) "do you have hicky-ups?"
(to Jason) "He has a dirty diaper. I think he wants Daddy."
(whispering to Alex just before bedtime) "Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much."

I'm not sure when I started pluralizing things like burps and actually can't remember a time when I thought the word "toot" was ok to use on a daily basis, but I guess you could say I'm making the slow transition to full blown silly-talking Mommy. Except for the Mommy and Daddy loving him sooooo much part...that's definitely not silly talk!


Robin said...

Welcome to the mom club!!!!

ADB said...

baby talk is so cute =)

i'm sure that you are a great mom!