Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's our civic duty.

Jason and I have been very concerned about the economic news lately. It's more than just the price of gas, the new president elect, and the stock market. The thing that alarms us the most is the amount of people now asking for a bailout from the government. People, this is WRONG! I am so frustrated by the organizations (the auto industry, states, cities...everyone!) who are now getting in line for government aid. There is simply no way our government can bailout everyone. More importantly, once the bailout train gets going, who will put on the brakes?!

Well, instead of griping about it, we have decided to do something. Today we took a few minutes to write an email to our State Representative Boswell (who represents our Iowa district) and our State Senators expressing our concern over the bailout madness. I urge you to do the same. This website lists the name of your State Representative and this website lists the names of your State Senators. Just a couple of clicks and you, too, can email them.

If you are not sure what to write in your letter, here's an example:

Representative Boswell:

As a concerned citizen of your Congressional District, I feel it is my civic duty to make sure my voice is heard on the issue of government bailouts. As your constituent, I urge you to vote against additional bailout packages for states, cities, and American companies now requesting aid. Approving more aid will only encourage the endless line up of entities requesting help from the government...and let's face it - the government CANNOT help everyone. There simply isn't enough money for that! The bailout requests are out of control. It is not possible for the American Government to attempt to salvage every failing American Corporation and sector. Industries, such as the automotive industry, which have failed to keep up with current technologies and failed to ascertain the need for inexpensive fuel-efficient cars should be allowed to fail. Even if this comes at great expense to the American people and economy. Companies that make bad decisions should and must be allowed to fail. Virtually all great successes in this country have been surrounded by great failures. It is the true spirit of capitalism that has made America so strong. The latest attempts of government to throw money at every struggling company have, and will continue, to erode the very foundation that has kept America strong throughout its short history. Please, I beg you, reject fear, and inject some common sense into the Congressional dialogue. Do not approve, and fight vigilantly against any additional bailout funding - whether part of a Democratic or Republican agenda. You are my voice and the voice of thousands of Iowans, please make us heard in Washington.

Nicole Reynolds

This has been THE year to get involved politically. Why stop at the General Election?! Take a minute and write to the people who represent you in Washington. Make your voice heard.

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Leigh Anne Rushing said...

I LOVE it!! I've felt so strongly about this as well. Your post motivated me to write my senator & representative today! Thanks for the inspiration....