Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night when I went to change into my pajamas, I discovered that my shirt (which I slept in the night before...because, well, just because that's how it is sometimes) was on backwards. I texted my husband and said, "I just discovered that my shirt is on backwards - and has been for 24 hours!". He responded, "that's so cute and mommy-like"

Other Mommy-like moments from the week:
* Alex has pooped in the bathtub 3 times in the past week. I seriously hope he grows out of this soon. We only have one bathroom and I take my baths in there too...needless to say, I have skipped my nightly bath three times this week.

* Today Jason offered to watch Alex for a couple of hours so I could go out and do something fun. You know what I came home with? Organic baby food and a bottle of wine. Guess you might call that Yuppie Mommy-like.

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malita said...

well as a non mommy this is my response.

1. shirt backward all day - been there done that - i've even done backward and inside out - and no i wasn't hung over.

2. ewe ewe ewe!! not cute nor mommy like - thank you for skipping your baths - ewe!!!! honestly poop anywhere outside the allotted diaper is ewe - even in the diaper its a necessity but questionably ewe.

3. yes you definitely have entered mommy yuppy ville - if you drove home in a volvo it's even better - and I should know I live in THE volvo, land cruiser 1.2 jogging strollers organic neighborhood of America.