Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mommyhood: The First 6 Months

Alex is turning 7 months old this week. It's hard to believe that those first newborn months are already gone. Since it seems like the latest thing is to tag 25 things (on Facebook), I thought I'd jot down 25 reflections on Mommyhood on my blog...

1. I honestly don't know how I survived for the first 3 months of Alex's life on 5-ish hours of sleep every night. For anyone I tried to carry on rational conversation with during that time, sorry. I know it didn't make sense.
2. I now consider a successful day as shower=success.
3. I'm grateful for 2 hour naps. Mine and Alex's.
4. I'm glad Jason is such a good Daddy. I knew he would be, but it's sweet to see it.
5. I am thankful for our Connection Group who has been such a great parenting resource to us. They are godly people with a collective wealth of wisdom.
6. I will think twice before I gain 60 lbs. in pregnancy again.
7. The 2 a.m. "Crazy Talk" where I wake up panicked thinking Alex is trapped in my bed is still here. Alex grew out of night waking long ago. For me, however, it remains.
8. I never get tired of washing and folding baby pajamas and socks.
9. We still love the cloth diapers. I'm not sure I'll ever use disposables on future babies.
10. God has given me a precious gift in providing me the ability to feed my baby. I think breastfeeding is such a marvel of God's wonderful human design.
11. I love to watch Alex wake up.
12. I love to watch him suck his thumb to sleep.
13. Heck, I even love changing his diapers!
14. It's important to me to read, sing, and pray with Alex before bed.
15. I have learned not to brag about Alex's latest accomplishments because I think it sows early seeds of "My kid is smarter than your kid" among parents.
16. I probably say to Alex, "You are the sweetest baby in the whole wide world" about a hundred times a day.
17. I often think of how I would deal with it if Alex was really sick. Parents like these and these inspire me to trust God with all things.
18. I remember the day Alex first smiled at me. My heart beamed with pride!
19. Sometimes I worry that we will mess him up. I'm learning that loving and caring for him to the best of our ability means we aren't messing up.
20. I truly believe that Jesus is the giver of patience and grace in parenting.
21. I like to peek at Alex while he's sleeping.
22. When Alex first pooped in the bath tub, we laughed and caught it on video. It is less and less funny every time.
23. I've noticed that people can't help but smile at babies.
24. I've learned to comment little on other people's parenting tactics unless someone asks my opinion.
25. My goals in life have changed a bit. I remember that I used to think about pursuing a PhD. Yesterday I caught myself thinking that I needed to memorize the words to "Three Blind Mice".

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CNH said...

I need your opinion on something! What steps do you go through to give Alex a bath? I've only given Grace baths in a bath seat, never just sitting in the water.