Monday, February 02, 2009


This is assignment #2 in Studio Photography. We were supposed to create an image of similar objects to form an overall pattern.

This photo was inspired by my grandmother, who is the most amazing seamstress ever. At 81, she can still crank out beautiful stuff with a needle and thread. Once I tried to learn the skill from her. She was so patient teaching me over and over how to thread the machine and feed the material through. I wish I could say that my finished product was a masterpiece, but it wasn't. I'm not sure that pillowcase will ever come out of my linen closet except to prove to someone that I actually did sew something once. Nonetheless,
I loved spending the time with her in her sewing room and hearing her stories. She has lived a full life and is a wonderful storyteller. I think probably when I was younger I passed off her stories as boring and irrelevant. Now I hang on ever word thinking, "I hope I can remember every detail" as she tells me about her courtship with my grandfather. They have been married 63 years and are still a very happy couple. What an inspiration to know that the grace of God sustains love and makes marriage work forever.

And did I mention that my grandmother was a snow skier until she was 79? Yeah, seriously, I could go on and on about her coolness...
But for this post I'll stick mainly to her awesome sewing abilities and my arrangement photo that is dedicated to her.

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Jack and Sheryl said...

Love that photo, girl!