Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hard to believe that in 7 weeks or less we'll have another little one at our house. Yes, we are having a boy! Exciting. Also notice that my "baby plant" has a new spot at our new house - a window seat. The plant is probably SO grateful for a little natural light. Hopefully that keeps him healthy for years to come. I plan on counting all the babies on this one.

On a side note, I don't think there's any way I'm going to make it another 7 weeks before this baby comes. My tummy is pushing out so far that people often ask when I'm due - and when I say March 1st, they say, "oh! March?!". Translation: "Lady, I thought you were having that kid tomorrow." So, my money is on an early delivery!


Meredith Poe said...

Hang in the Nicole - just a few more weeks. Did Alex come early? Sarah came just 2 days before she was due - but I was ready weeks ahead of time - as are you I am sure!
Good to catch up on your blog and your life - and I know you must be excited to be back in TX.
Love you - Meredith (Neal) Poe

Nicole said...

Hey Meredith! Great to hear from you. Alex DID come 3 weeks early so I'm wondering if Baby Brother will be the same. Guess we'll see very soon. =)

Yes, so glad to be back in Texas! Where are you now?? Saw you and Sarah's picture the other day on FB - so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole, we are due the same day! Our second baby boy is also due March 1! Hope everything continues to go well!!
Amy Dantzler