Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I paid $15 for heartburn.

I am a major sucker when it comes to extra items that salespeople try to sell me. For example, they say "oh, it's buy 3, get 3 free today". Really, I only need one but end up with six...then get home and think, why did I buy so many...?

Today was one of those days.

I went to the bakery to buy some cookies for the administrative assistant at Jason's work who has been so helpful to us over the past weeks. Typically I would enjoy making them myself, but my pregnant state coupled with my lack of willpower has kept me from making homemade treats lately. (This is how I gained 60 lbs. last time.)

Anyway, I went in with the idea that I should buy 6-8 cookies to fill a box I have at home. The sales lady asks, "do you want a dozen for $10.50?" Of course, I blindly answer, "sure." So, here I am with 4-6 extra cookies, two of which I promptly eat as soon as I walk out of the bakery.

Those cookies gave me raging heartburn.

So I went to Walgreen's to buy a $12 bottle of Extra Strength Tums.
Let's make a little equation:
$10.50 - the cookies I bought for admin assistant + $12 =
about $15, the price I paid for today's heartburn.

How's that for pregnancy economics?!

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Mary said...

hahaha, Nicole, you are so funny! That story cracked me up!