Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's raining. It really is. You know, I have been known to poke fun at So Cal weather men because every evening they watch the Doppler hoping that "bunch of clouds over the Pacific" could potentially produce the rain we so desperately need. The weather segment of the news always shows the Doppler and every cloud from here to Fiji as a potential source of precipitation. This (one) time they were right and it is really raining! I guess I see the comedy in the Doppler because in Texas we use the thing to predict the next tornado, massive thunderstorm, and eminent baseball size hail...proving that no matter where you live, that Doppler is a valuable piece of technology.

I rarely hear the sound of rain against my window as I'm falling asleep, so I'll enjoy it tonight. And maybe even tomorrow...says the Doppler.

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Randy B said...

Sounds like your enjoying California... Introduced myself to Cal this summer and plan on making it back to San Diego every couple of years... A little different from Albany and Chillicothe... Hope all is well.

Randy B