Monday, May 22, 2006

Internet Dating: The Musical

So, my best friend from college, Shawn, is here and we are enjoying the time to hang out. We went to see this hilarious musical on Saturday night in LA called Internet Dating: The Musical. It was a whole spoof on the internet love/dating operation with some really great song-writing.


YOU ARE CUTE BUT YOU CAN'T SPELL. For those who rationalize that maybe Mr. or Miss Right is really smart and great, they just have a hard time using spell check...

DID YOU READ MY PROFILE? So appropriately asking the question that often comes up when people ask questions that are already covered in that little profile you wrote about yourself. Why the heck are you asking me if I am a Hindu? Didn't you read my profile that clearly says I follow Jesus and am looking for someone who thinks the same way...? No, I'm not into astrology or supporing gay marriage. Geez.

CHECK MY INBOX. A hysterical song about how many times a day we check our inboxes...before coffee...after coffee...between making copies at the office...before lunch...after lunch...immediately upon returning from the know the drill...

INTERNET DATING IS THE BEST THING EVER. For the days when it seems like a good idea.

I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY YOU WERE SINGLE. I think in its own sort of way this is meant to be uplifting coming from friends, but let's be honest it really is not a compliment. I'd rather someone say how cool it is that I get to travel the world, keep up with fashion trends, or spend four hours trying on shoes. That brings out the positive aspects of living the cosmopolitan life of a young single woman.

INTERNET DATING IS THE WORST THING EVER. For those days when reality hits and you think about how ridiculous it really is to be writing a profile promoting yourself hoping some guy will ask you out on a date based on what you've written.

When you think about it, it's a really bizarre way to meet people. Honestly I prefer the guys who talk to me in the grocery store or help me out on the paint aisle at Home Depot. At least I know that they have some guts and are willing to take a stab at talking to someone in person. I dig guys with guts..because let's face it, some really wimpy guys can write ANYTHING in their profile. But you can't fool me into thinking that you work out six times a week and are a professional body builder if your grocery cart is full of Twinkies and beer. Not to mention the fact that you are carrying around an extra 30 lbs - and I don't mean the super size bag of dog food in your cart...

Ah, the beauty of seeing people (and internet dating gurus) for who they really are! And, the appreciation for people who can write really funny songs about it.

If you're in LA in the next couple of weeks, I totally suggest you check out Internet Dating: The Musical at the art/works theater. It's playing until June 4.

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