Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dear California:

I want to share with you a few things I've learned during my extended stay...

1. There's nothing like taking a walk on the beach - it's absolutely free, relaxing, and always worth the drive.

2. "Sunny California" is your nickname because you've earned it.

3. One can never have too many swimsuits.

4. Flip flops actually do go with everything.

5. There is such a thing as going too slowly on the's called 80 mph.

6. Big sunglasses are not just "in", they are necessary.

7. In n' Out burgers and shakes are seriously worth every stinkin' calorie and fat gram.

8. Getting stuck in traffic can actually be a very productive time thanks to rollover minutes.

9. Your greatest strengths are your cultural diversity, open-mindedness, and casual approach to life. Careful, though, because they can also be your worst enemies.

10. The car trunk essentials: beach chairs, bottled water, and a beach towel. Just in case.

Thanks for letting me stay. I enjoyed it immensely and hope one day I'll return and continue to learn more about what a wonderful place you are. You and your residents have been amazing hosts to me this past two years. I am truly grateful...


Anonymous said...

Oh Nicole,
I will miss you so much! I know that you will be used greatly by Him no matter where you are and for that I am so excited for you to be starting this new chapter of life. Can't wait to roadtrip out to Texas!
So much love,

kimmy said...

i miss you... thanks for the tribute to us. love you

bs said...

Wow, CA sounds great. The beach, the burgers, the chairs, water, and towel in the trunk just in case. Very cool. It was like a mini-vacation just reading this post!

Now back to TX, where you'll have to enjoy authentic TexMex for me.


Dolores said...

we´ll miss you!!!!!!!!!!!