Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm in Berlin!
So, just a short update...I arrived in Berlin a couple of days ago with a group of 30 students. We spent a full 5 days in training at CBU and left directly from there for Berlin (hence, the inability to update...) So far our time here has been amazing. We are now experts at the U-bon and Berlin streets. It has been fun to explore the city together and to see the excitement of all of these students. For most of them this is the first time they have ever travelled overseas and it is great fun to be the one leading them in this experience.

I'm moving to Texas!
So I guess this makes for two somewhat big announcements in one entry. Whoa. Yeah, I know for those of you faithful readers (all four or so) this is like a major event. Anyways, after much thought and prayer over the past several months it is clear that I am heading back to Texas. I will miss California and working with students at CBU, but I am honestly looking forward to the opportunity to be near friends and family again. If there is one thing I could change about my life in Cali, it has been that I wish I could have transported all my friends with me when I moved two years ago! Overall, though, it just seems like it's time to go. And I am excited about the change. I'll keep you posted on the details but it looks like I'll be in Fort Worth by August...just in time for the blazing heat, my nephews' birthday, and maybe even the ACL music fest in September. Can't wait.


Ginny said...

Hey, Girl! I should be back in November or December. Looking forward to seeing you then. :)

Rebecca said...

Hey Nicole! That is so exciting that you are coming to Texas - I was just talking about you today to Annetta Box who knew you from Southwestern - she says she's sorry if she was weird back then! We'll have to get together sometime. I just was in Arlington randomly last weekend and stayed with Ryan and Tara Hammond. Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to visit you in texas!