Thursday, July 09, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Jason and I were getting all settled into our hospital room at the end of a long day. I went in for my normal 37 week appointment and things started getting a little bit crazy. First it was sudden weight gain (9 pounds in one week), then high blood pressure, then a sonogram that suggested Alex was small...everything snowballed until we found ourselves upstairs in the hospital with this greeting, "hi, welcome to labor and delivery, let's get you all checked in!" Whoa, I was not ready for that! We hadn't even bought a car seat for Alex yet, and I certainly wasn't ready to think about actually delivering him so soon.

But one year ago today, my husband and I had a sweet night in the hospital together...just us. Our family was hundreds of miles away and so we enjoyed the time of anticipation with just the two of us. We spent so much time praying and talking about the days ahead. We were so anxious to meet our baby. I was terrified and weepy...and my husband never left my side. Those four nights we spent in the hospital across the street are ones I will never forget. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband.

I am in the midst of party preparations and such, but thought it was only appropriate for me to tell anyone who reads this blog about how even the days leading up to Alex's birth were very, very special to me. I hope that in future years, my son will be patient with me when I insist on telling him the long version of his birth day story each year. It's a tradition I'd like to start this that he will know (regardless if he's 3 or 43) that his parents loved him, waited for him, and welcomed him with joy.


Michelle Moras said...

so sweet!!!

Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

Oh Nicole. I somewhat know how you were feeling. I remember you sitting in my hospital room waiting with me. Those anxious days have brought us both such great joy!!!

Lots of hugs to you guys during this wonderful celebration of Alex's first birthday.

Jack and Sheryl said...

Hey Nicole,
Enjoy your baby's 1st birthday! They are so special! Happy birthday little Alex! I hope this second year finds you even more blessed than your first! I can't wait to see pictures of his day.

Speaking of pictures, you are sweet to comment on mine. You have no idea how many times I have kicked myself that I didn't get a camera tutorial from you--I think I probably have had the time to understand about 2 percent of what it can do.:) Maybe next time. I was so sad that despite the fact that we were fairly close in proximity we only got to hang out once--that should not have been!

Ok that was a long comment, I should have just written you an email! Anyway, savor every minute of that sweet boy's birthday! Love you guys!