Sunday, January 15, 2006


Okay, it's 50 degrees and my friends in California described today's weather as freezing. I've come to discover that "freezing" in So Cal means:
1. It's time to build a fire in the fireplace.
2. You switch from flip flops to leather flip flops, which somehow keep your feet warmer.
3. Time to put on a pot of soup and drink hot chocolate.
4. You really shouldn't venture outside in this weather. "It's REALLY cold out there" (an actual quote from a neighbor.)
5. Brrrrrrrrr! Winter is here!

I love Southern California! Bundle up and stay warm tonight, friends. It's gonna get down to 45.

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malita said...

Hysterical - it's all relative I guess! When I was in Maine (in August) it got up to 88 one day and the locals were dying, saying it was so hot they couldn't belive how hot it was! Hello Texas in August is 120 - get over it!

Well glad you busted out the fur trimmed coat - you're ready for Alaska there friend!