Wednesday, January 04, 2006

An Impersonator
Working on a college campus with lots of traditions is a ton of fun. One of the most popular traditions for students is to impersonate a faculty or staff member at a semester event. Students have perfected the science of impersonation. They mimick everything from clothing to gestures, often with amusing accuracy. This is a photo of my impersonator. Yes, I know she's Asian and I'm not, but she did a pretty good job of being me. She tried to be head to toe "Miss Merrell", right down to the (ever present) lipstick, curly hair, and accessories. I must say...immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


sherry said...

Hi Nicole!

Oh man. Imagine my excitement when I noticed your blog address at the bottom of you E-mail. It was noteworthy excitement.

Thanks for sharing the smile-inducing picture of Kimmy as Nicole:) Those goofy traditions and random moments of fun are what I miss most about Cal Baptist!

Love you!


Carissa said...

lol. Totally sounds like something kimmy would do! It was fun catching up today. See ya in class!